Textbooks 2019 Semester 2

In 2019 second semester we are supplying textbooks for several  courses at University of Sydney and University of Technology.  Your course co-ordinator or lecturer will have directed you to us if we are supplying your prescribed texts.  Find the courses we are currently supplying below. 

NB Where a title is indicated as 'out of stock' or with a quantity of zero on hand, turnaround time to obtain it is generally 5-14 days. If a title will be delayed longer than 7 days from date of order, we will notify you by email.

We offer a 10% discount to students for all their purchases. Please provide 1) the name of your institution, and 2) your student number, in the further instructions field on the checkout page and we will apply a 10% discount to your order. Please note this discount does not display on the checkout page or your order confirmation, but will be deducted from the charge when we process your order.  The tax invoice that we include with your books will display the discount.  

We are conveniently located between UTS and the University of Sydney; to avoid postage charges, orders can be collected from our Glebe Point Road branch. Choose this option at checkout and wait for the confirmation your book is ready for collection. 

Please find your course in the list below, and click through to order the texts associated with the course. The list of textbooks supplied for semester one can be found here.

University of Sydney 

ARCO1001 Civilisations of the Ancient World
ECMT2130 Financial Econometrics
ECOS3013 Environmental Economics 
EDEC1007 Health & Wellness in Early Childhood
EDEC3004 Management & Leadership in EC 
EDEC3005 Science in Early Childhood 
EDUF2007 Social Perspectives in Education 
ELEC5508 Wireless Engineering 
ELEC5514 Network Embedded Systems
ENGL1012 The Gothic Imagination
ENGL1013 Global Literatures in English
ENGL1014 Creative Writing
ENGL2654 Novel Worlds
ENGL2660 Reading the Nation: American Literature 
ENGL2661 Camelot: Text, Stage & Screen
ENGL3633/4129/6040 Introduction to Old English 
ENGL3709 Global Literatures & Times of Perpetual War
ENGL4128/6160 The Idea of the South
ENGL6937 Literary Movements
ENGL6982 Shakespeare & Modernity
GOVT2226 International Organisations 
GOVT6311 Issues in Public Policy
GOVT6316 Policy Making, Power & Politics 
GRKA1601/2621 Beginners Greek 
GRKA2601 Intermediate Greek 2
GRKA3602 Greek Epic
HSBH1013 Health & Society  
IBUS1102 Cross-Cultural Management
KRNS1622 Korean 2
KRNS2622 Korean 4 
KRNS3622 Korean 6 
LATN1601/2621 Beginners Latin
LAWS1012/5001 Torts
LAWS1017/5006 Torts & Contracts 2 
LAWS3428/LAWS5128 Media Law: Defamation & Privacy
LAWS3423/LAWS5123 Media Law: Contempt & Open Justice

LAWS3411 Anti-Discrimination Law
LAWS3483/LAWS5183 Law/War Law 
LAWS5005 Public International Law
LAWS6059 International Business Law
LAWS6167 International Law 2
12 Taxation & Revenue Law
PHIL1012 Introductory Logic
PHIL2614 The Presocratics
PHYS3035 Electrodynamics & Optics
PSYC3013 Perceptual Systems
WORK2203 IR Policy & Process / WORK6012 IR Policy
WORK6030 Performance & Reward

University of Technology

28225 Issues in Education: Local & Global Contexts 
28244 Social & Environmental Education 
57202 Information Research Methodologies
70102 Foundations of Law
70103 Ethics, Law & Justice
70114 Criminal Law & Procedure
70417 Corporate Law 
70617 Administrative Law
71116 Remedies 
92569 Fundamentals of Epi & Pop Health
96119 Research Design in Speech Pathology

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