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  • Heide 
    Title: Heide
    Author: PI O
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 01/10/2019
    Price: $39.95
    Publishing status: Active

    Heide is an epic poem about history,
    painting, painters, patrons and the people who made art happen in Australia —
    from Louis Buvelot to Edith Rowan, Tom Roberts and Robert Streeton to
    Vassilief, Nolan, Tucker, Joy Hester, the Boyds, Mirka Mora, and Albert
    Namatjira, with a particular focus on the artists gathered around Sunday and
    John Reed at Heide in Melbourne.

    It is a poem that explores the influence of
    art and poetry on the psyche, and the influence of social class on both, from
    the upper echelons and industrialists of Melbourne, to the struggle of the
    working class through such artists as Alisa O’Connor, Noel Counihan and Yosl
    Bergner. It begins with the foundation of Melbourne, and in its epic scope
    traverses an encyclopaedic range of subjects, assembled from facts, quotations,
    proverbs, definitions, historical documents, newspaper accounts and the
    author’s own reminiscences.

    Heide is
    about the poets and artists who put their lives on the line, the Australian
    preoccupation with landscape, the dominance of a masculinist aesthetic, the sidelining and
    denigration of Indigenous art, the struggle of women artists to assert their
    influence and presence, and the impact of migration on Australian culture.

    is a long poem made up of almost 300 poems, each bringing to life characters
    and incidents that are fleshed out in vivid detail and with a dramatic
    intensity unique in Australian poetry.

    ISBN: 9781925818208
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