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Birth of the FBI, The: Teddy Roosevelt, the Secret Service & the Fight Over America's Premier Law Enforcement Agency

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  • Birth of the FBI, The: Teddy Roosevelt, the Secret Service & the Fight Over America's Premier Law Enforcement Agency 
    Title: Birth of the FBI, The: Teddy Roosevelt, the Secret Service & the Fight Over America's Premier Law Enforcement Agency
    Format: HARDCOVER
    Publication date: 15/07/2019
    Price: $60.00
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    ""What an engaging, rip-roaring story of Theodore Roosevelt battling with Congress!! TR built his career by fighting crime and then as president set his investigators to catch land frauds. He accidentally caught members of Congress cheating. Then the slugfest Roosevelt had with Congress helped create the FBI. A wonderful book about a little-known chapter in history."" — Kathleen Dalton, Author of Theodore Roosevelt: A Strenuous LifeWhile Theodore Roosevelt's presidency is one of the most studied in American History, one of his key accomplishments has for years been overlooked. Willard Oliver has done an admirable job fleshing out Roosevelt's role in the establishment of the Bureau of Investigation, later the FBI. Moreover, Oliver shows how the creation of the investigative arm of the Justice Department reflected so many of the roles and characteristics we have come to associate with Roosevelt, including his crusades against corruption as U.S. Civil Service Commissioner and New York Police Commissioner. And it was his famous dedication to conservation that highlighted the need for an agency of national law enforcement, as land thieves sought to pillage the country's public resources. Finally, the creation of the Bureau of Investigation marked another quintessential Rooseveltian step in expanding Executive power and centralizing authority in Washington, D.C. – the ramifications of which Americans are still grappling.— Edward P. Kohn, PhD, Professor and Dean, Norwich UniversityWilliard Oliver offers us a long-needed, nuanced, and sophisticated examination of the FBI's muddled origins. He deftly brings together the multifaceted threads that are the Bureau's historical tapestry to illustrate how the FBI was born of politics and bureaucratic struggle.— Douglas M. Charles, PhD, Associate Professor of History, Pennsylvania State UniversityWillard Oliver's Teddy Roosevelt, The Secret Service, & the Birth of the FBI provides a dynamic history of how President Theodore Roosevelt's administration created the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1908. Willard Oliver provides readers a lively narrative of the contentious origins of the FBI, stemming from the federal government's earliest struggles against counterfeiters, land thieves, and political assassins, all of which occurred well before the FBI's tremendous expansion under the leadership of J. Edgar Hoover. Readers will appreciate this intriguing story of how the FBI emerged from a political struggle between the White House and Congress to create an efficient federal investigative bureau that originated from Theodore Roosevelt's controversial use of Secret Service agents to investigate a variety of federal crimes. — Jeremy M. Johnston, PhD, The Hal and Naoma Tate Endowed Chair and Curator of Western History, Ernest J. Goppert Curator of the Buffalo Bill Museum

    ISBN: 9781442265035
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