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House of Youssef, The

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  • House of Youssef, The 
    Title: House of Youssef, The
    Author: KASSAB YUMNA
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 01/09/2019
    Price: $24.95
    Publishing status: Active

    House of Youssef
    is a collection of short stories
    set in Western Sydney. The stories explore the lives of Lebanese migrants who
    have settled in the area, circling around themes of isolation, family and community,
    and nostalgia for the home country. In particular, House of Youssef is about relationships, and the customs which complicate
    them: between parents and children, the dark secrets of marriage, the breakable
    bonds between friends. The stories are told with extreme minimalism — some are
    only two pages long — which heightens their emotional intensity.

    The collection is framed by two soliloquies. The first expresses the
    longing of an old man for the homeland he will never return to. The second is the
    monologue of a woman, who could be his wife, addressed to her daughter, about
    life and its disappointments. The two
    central sequences are composed of vignettes which focus on moments of domestic crisis,
    and which combine, in the title sequence, to chart the demise of a single
    family. Kassab portrays the lives of ordinary people — simple,
    unglamorous, down-to-earth. Her understated style isolates small details and
    the anxieties that lurk within them. The tiny shifts in a normal day are an
    entire world to the people at the centre of her stories.

    ISBN: 9781925818192
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