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Charlotte Salomon: Life or Theatre? A Selection of 450 Gouaches

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  •  Charlotte Salomon: Life or Theatre? A Selection of 450 Gouaches
    Title: Charlotte Salomon: Life or Theatre? A Selection of 450 Gouaches
    Format: HARDCOVER
    Publication date: 01/12/2017
    Imprint: TASCHEN
    Price: $67.50
    Publishing status: Active

    Painting For Her Life Charlotte Salomon's artistic feat under the Third Reich When German artist Charlotte Salomon (1917-1943) handed her gouaches series Life? or Theater? over to a friend, she beseeched him to "Keep it safe. It is my whole life." A few months later, Charlotte and her husband were picked up by a Gestapo truck, deported to Drancy, and then on to Auschwitz. Charlotte and the couple's unborn child were gassed upon arrival. She was 26 years old. The work Salomon left behind survives and is, in a very real sense, her piece de resistance. A cycle of 1,325 autobiographical gouaches, it combines personal and political narrative into one shattering document of National Socialism as much as a pioneering personal narrative. Divided into three sections, the gouaches detail Salomon's family; growing up in Berlin; studying art under the Third Reich; her love affair with singing teacher Alfred Wolfsohn; the rise of the Nazis; the persecution of Jews; and her exile to France in 1939. Throughout, the artist deploys playful pseudonyms and fantastical elements alongside emotional candor, remarkable observation, and a meticulous visual memory. Her film strip-like sequences are interspersed not only with words but also musical suggestions from Schubert and Mahler melodies to Nazi marching songs. Trauma haunts each page, whether in the Swastika flags flapping in the wind or the agonizing history of suicide in Salomon's family. But there is an unmissable defiance, too. Without category or comparison, the gouaches are a triumph of personal truth and individual expression. While there traces of Modigliani Salomon's figures and their almond eyes and elegant figures, whispers of Chagall in the way flowers and music float into a desperate reality, each page is above all uniquely Charlotte Salomon. Published here with a selection of the most important pages, Life? Or Theatre? is an unrivaled opus magnus from a great and ambitious artist, dark with her early death, luminous with her precision, her lyricism, and her less

    ISBN: 9783836570770
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