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This online version of the Gleaner is fully integrated with our shopping trolley. Click on the front cover to begin and then simply click a book's jacket to add to the trolley as you browse, and then proceed to the checkout from the website when you're done. If you prefer not to browse within the magazine format, you can browse, by department, all of this month's contents  here.  

Regular Columnists

A Pale View of Hills  Dulwich Hill branch manager, radio personality, and book selling superstar, Morgan Smith tells us how it is. last posted: 24-Jun-2020 | total posts: 60

Granny's Good Reads  Sonia Lee is one of our most treasured customers and a voracious reader. last posted: 24-Jun-2020 | total posts: 33

In Praise of the New  Louise Pfanner shares her latest discoveries. last posted: 31-Jan-2020 | total posts: 61

Secondhand Rows  Join Stephen (Blackheath) and Scott (Glebe), our secondhand managers, every month here as they takes a closer look at a couple of titles from their shelves. last posted: 24-Jun-2020 | total posts: 55

The Wilder Aisles  Janice Wilder has been a legend of Sydney bookselling for over 40 years. last posted: 24-Jun-2020 | total posts: 54

Things To Look Forward To  David Gaunt has owned Gleebooks with partner Roger Mackell since 1976. last posted: 24-Jun-2020 | total posts: 54

What We're Reading  Hidden gems, hot favourites, slow burners and the odd guest columnist. last posted: 24-Jun-2020 | total posts: 60

Winton Pawprints  Winton (c.1995-2012) was our beloved shop cat and still has the last word every month in her regular column. last posted: 31-May-2017 | total posts: 28


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