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Tilly & The Time Machine

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  • Tilly & The Time Machine 
    Title: Tilly & The Time Machine
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 01/05/2017
    Imprint: PUFFIN BOOKS
    Price: $17.00
    Publishing status: Active

    "Tilly is seven and a half. She lives with her dad, a scientist who used to invent things for the government. They are very happy, but they are both missing Mummy, who died about a year ago. So when Tilly's dad creates a time machine in their back garden, there's only one place that Tilly really wants to go- back to her sixth birthday party, when she ate too many cupcakes and her mummy was there. There's only one problem. Tilly's dad has got stuck in the past, and she must follow him through history, from battles on boats to Buckingham Palace, to get him back. Encountering all sorts of interesting people along the way, Tilly and the Time Machine is a funny and heartwarming adventure."

    Gleebooks review:
    Tilly and the Time Machine is a funny book written by Adrian Edmondson, a comedian and actor, about a clever but cheeky girl’s time travel adventures to save her father and bring happiness back into their lives after the death of her mother. When Tilly’s dad invents a time machine and gets stuck in time, he leaves a message on the fridge in the background of a family photo asking her for help to get back. Spies try to steal the time machine, but Tilly keeps it safe and then embarks on her own time travel adventures to find her father and gives him the controller he needs to return. Her adventures land her at a world cup soccer match, on a pirate ship, on the streets Victorian England where she becomes a chimney sweep at Buckingham Palace and meets the Queen, and her father’s old lab. Her final stop is her 6th birthday party, where she finds not only her father but also her mother who sadly died when she was young. Tilly and her father return to the present safely and fill the house with photos of the mother they both miss so much. They both learned an important lesson that remembering someone was almost like being with them, which is what her mummy had said. This is a funny story with charming characters and a happy ending that is good for kids aged 7-10. Ani Cook-Pedersen (age 10)

    ISBN: 9780141372457
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