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Lumberjanes: Beware the Kitten Holy: 1 Lumberjanes

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  • Lumberjanes: Beware the Kitten Holy: 1 Lumberjanes 
    Title: Lumberjanes: Beware the Kitten Holy: 1 Lumberjanes
    Format: PAPERBACK
    Publication date: 31/07/2015
    Imprint: UNKNOWN
    Price: $27.00
    Publishing status: Active

    Will Eisner Comic Industry Award | Winner | Teen | 2015 - 2015 ; Will Eisner Comic Industry Award | Winner | New Series | 2015 - 2015

    Friendship to the max! Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley are five best pals determined to have an awesome summer together...and they're not gonna let any insane quest or an array of supernatural critters get in their way! It's Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Gravity Falls and features five butt-kicking, rad teenage girls whaling on monsters and solving a mystery with the whole world at stake.
    Booklist (05/15/2015):
    Grades 6-9 *Starred Review* The LumberjanesJo, Molly, Mal, April, and Ripleyall attend a summer camp for hard-core lady-types headed up by a Rosie-the-Riveter lookalike who's surprisingly lenient when it comes to late-night sojourns into the woods to follow ghostly bearwomen. In a series of adventures, all of which exasperate the girls' beleaguered cabin leader, the girls use both their ample brains and pure brawn to defeat three-eyed foxes, a river monster, some talking statues, and a pack of finicky yetis. It's not totally clear where the quests are leading them, but that hardly matters, since each adventure is packed with manic cartoon antics, particularly when Ripley, in spite of her tiny size, literally hurls herself at obstacles. There are plenty of comic-book series with this brand of madcap enthusiasm, but Lumberjanes is the only one so dedicated to feminism in such a lighthearted way. Check out these exclamations: What in the Joan Jett are you doing?!; Holy bell hooks!; and Where the Phillis Wheatley were you? The girls-only cast and casual mention of postmodern social activists should in no way dissuade a wide audience, however; this is pure mystery-solving, bad-guy-bludgeoning, summer-camp fun, and with buoyant, off-the-wall art and well-rounded characters, it's already set up to be a hit.(Reprinted with permission of Booklist, copyright 2015, American Library Association.)

    School Library Journal (02/01/2015):
    Gr 5 Up--The first four issues of this female-created and female-starring comic, set at summer camp with creepy happenings, are collected here in this kick-butt volume. The graphic novel begins mid-adventure as five campers are out after hours investigating a strange event that they all witnessed: a woman turning into a giant bear. This is just the first of many odd occurrences that Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley encounter at the summer camp for "Hardcore Lady Types." The Lumberjanes, as the scouts are called, band together to solve puzzles, defeat three-eyed creatures, and escape the ire of their watchful counselor Jen. Each protagonist has a skill that helps the group conquer each obstacle. Spunky, lovable characters sparkle with exuberant personality and challenge gender stereotypes. Small details make these episodes stand out--the hipster Yetis guarding a mysterious lighthouse, Molly and Mal's tender glances at each other, and Ripley's penchant for animals and all things cute. At the opening of each chapter, an excerpt from the Lumberjanes field guide is included and a gallery of cover images append the book. References to female heroines (invocations of Bessie Coleman and Joan Jett as well as Rosie the camp director's striking resemblance to Rosie the Riveter) and phrases such as "Friends to the Max!" and "What the junk!" add to the charm of this feel-good title that celebrates female empowerment. The vibrant art exudes humor and reinforces themes of teamwork and friendship. VERDICT A must-have graphic novel for those who have graduated from Raina Telgemeier's works.--"Shelley Diaz", School Library Journal Copyright 2015 School Library Journal, LLC Used with permission.

    Publishers Weekly (04/27/2015):
    The first four supernatural adventures of five young scouts-in-training at Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet's Camp for Girls Hardcore Lady Types are gathered in this clever, funny, and just-creepy-enough collection. After a skulk of three-eyed foxes deliver the ominous message, "Beware the kitten holy," friends Jo, Mal, Molly, April, and Ripley are drawn into a world of paranormal goings-on that involves a mysterious lighthouse, a trap-laden underground cave, and a nearby camp for boys. With a cast of varied skills and temperaments, there's something here for everyone. Wild child Ripley doesn't hesitate to leap after the eagle that snatches her candy bar. April, who has the doe eyes and buoyant tresses of a Disney princess, doesn't just arm-wrestle a giant talking statue, she snaps off his arm in the process. Natural leader Jo is a math whiz, and the mutual attraction between nervous punk-rocker Mal and sweet-natured Molly is evident. Humorously riffing on everything from scout badges to the X-Men to feminist heroes ("Where the Phillis Wheatley were you?"), it's a sharp, smart, and most of all fun celebration of sisterhood that will leave readers eager for the Lumberjanes' future exploits. Ages 10a up. (Apr.) Copyright 2015 Publishers Weekly Used with permission.

    Series: Lumberjanes
    ISBN: 9781608866878
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