May 2016

Gleebooks Bookshop - Wednesday, April 27, 2016
The Night Manager: The Complete Series
In Cairo at the height of the Arab Spring, hotel night manager Jonathan Pine receives a plea for help from the beautiful Sophie Alekan. As the mistress of the powerful but dangerous hotel owner, Sophie has evidence of an arms deal that could help crush the popular uprising. Compelled to do what he thinks is right, Pine makes contact with his friend at the British Embassy. But his actions unwittingly draw him into the terrifying world of ruthless arms dealer, Richard Roper. Adapted from the John Le Carre novel by David Farr, starring Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman, Tom Hollander and Elizabeth Debicki & directed by Susanne Bier—a seriously classy thriller. (Region 2, $49.95)

Ghosts of the Civil Dead: Dir. John Hillcoat ($45)
This is a startling and powerful film set entirely within the confines of a modern maximum security prison. It goes beyond the tradition prison film themes of good and evil to draw a frightening allegorical portrait of the nature and organisation of our society. On release this film caused heated debate worldwide. The most disturbing aspect is that it’s all true. This is the first feature by Australian director John Hillcoat who went on to direct The Proposition and The Road. Starring Nick Cave, David Field, Dave Mason, Vincent Gil, and packed with special features including interviews with Nick Cave, Mick Harvey and Blixa Bargeld. These are last original copies, there will be no more made.

Doctor Thorne: Season 1 ($39.95)
This 3 part dramatisation of a novel by Anthony Trollope sees Tom Hollander in the title role of Dr Thomas Thorne. He lives in the village of Greshamsbury in Barsetshire, with his young niece, Mary (Stefanie Martini), a girl blessed with every gift except money. Lords & ladies, frittered fortunes, star-crossed lovers—adapted by Julian Fellows of Downton Abbey fame this is just the outing to console those suffering due to Downton’s demise.

The Wolfpack: Dir. Crystal Moselle ($26.95)
Six brothers, known as ‘The Wolfpack’, grew up surrounded by the bustling electricity of New York City, but were trapped within the confines of their Lower East Side apartment. Living under the rule of their tyrannical father, and home schooled by their loving mother, they spent their entire lives lonely and locked away from society, rarely leaving home or interacting with people outside their immediate family. All they knew about the outside world was gleaned from their archive of over 10,000 films they watched obsessively and re-enacted meticulously, using elaborate homemade props and costumes to re-create what they experienced on screen. For years they used these films to fuel their imagination and stave off their loneliness, until one of the brothers dared to escape. Trusted with unprecedented access, director Crystal Moselle crafts a mesmerising portrait of an extraordinary family, capturing the thrill of the Wolfpack’s discoveries as they enter society and learn about the world outside their four walls.

Happy Valley: Series 2 ($39.95)
No-nonsense police sergeant Catherine Cawood is back heading up her team of dedicated police officers in the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. While on duty, she makes the gruesome discovery of a body. The victim’s injuries bear a striking similarity to a string of other murders over the previous few months, suggesting a serial killer is on the loose. But the case becomes even more shocking when it emerges that Catherine knows the victim—something that could have serious repercussions for both herself and her family.

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