February 2016

Gleebooks Bookshop - Wednesday, February 03, 2016
Salaam Bombay! $26.95 Region 2
Mira Nair’s film about street kids in Bombay has lost none of it’s punch in the two decades since it was first released. It is the story of eleven-year old Krishna who, abandoned by his mother, finds his way to India’s most populous city and ekes out a living as a tea-wallah in Bombay’s red-light district. He befriends the young daughter of a prostitute and is smitten by a teenage girl who has been sold to a local brothel owner. Resourceful, hardworking and generous even in his own poverty Krishna dreams of returning to his village and his family but escape from Bombay’s pitiless streets soon proves as unattainable as any Bollywood fantasy. Shot on location in Bombay’s slums and featuring real-life street kid Shafiq Syed as Krishna, Nair’s film captures the harsh reality of life for India’s urban poor without sentiment or gloss.

Line of Duty: Series One $29.95
‘In the pursuit of corruption, how far will they go to uncover the truth?’ So goes the tag line of this thrilling six part British cop show which will keep you guessing to the very end. Detective Chief Inspector Tony Gates (Lennie James) has just been awarded Officer of the Year leading a squad which has returned the best crime figures for three consecutive years. But are Gates’ results just too good to be true? Detective Sergeant Steve Arnott (Martin Compston), recently transferred from counter-terrorism to the anti-corruption unit after refusing to cover-up a botched police operation, is charged to find out. So begins a deadly game of cat and mouse and soon it isn’t just careers on the line—it’s lives.

Fahrenheit 451: Dir. Francois Truffaut
Ray Bradbury’s best-selling science fiction masterpiece about a future without books becomes chillingly real in this film classic directed by one of the most important screen innovators of all time, the late Francois Truffaut. Julie Christie stars in the challenging dual role of Oskar Werner’s pleasure-seeking conformist wife, Linda and his rebellious, book-collecting mistress, Clarisse. Montag (Oskar Werner), a regimented fireman in charge of burning the forbidden volumes, meets a revolutionary school teacher who dares to read. Suddenly he finds himself a hunted fugitive, forced to choose not only between two women, but between personal safety and intellectual freedom. Truffaut’s first English language production is an eerie fable where mankind becomes the ultimate evil. ($21.95)

Bastards: Dir. Claire Denis, $25.95 Region 2
In this modern take on film noir from award-winning writer-director Claire Denis (White Material, Beau Travail) shipping captain Marco (Vincent Lindon, Anything For Her) receives a phone call from his sister, urgently calling him back to Paris. Her husband has committed suicide, her daughter is missing and the family business has gone under. She holds her husband’s business partner, Edouard Laporte, accountable and Marco sets out to expose his treachery. But, as he begins to scratch under the surface, Marco discovers a dangerous underworld of violence, corruption and exploitation that will culminate in a final, shocking revelation.

The Seventies, $32.95
The 1970s was one of the most dramatic decades in American history. The country lost its first war, experienced a frighteningly close nuclear meltdown, endured two energy crises; and saw a political scandal bring down a President. This was also the decade of excess and flamboyance—where punk and disco collided, sexual mores were broken and society’s taboos were laid bare. Through the use of rarely seen archival footage and interviews with key identities from the era, this incisive documentary paints a vivid portrait of a time that impacts us still.

Pasolini: Dir. Abel Ferrara, $32.95 Region 2
Abel Ferrara (Driller Killer, Bad Lieutenant, Welcome to New York), tells the story of the fateful final days of the controversial filmmaker Pier Paolo Pasolini (played by Willem Dafoe). Having recently finished Salò, or 120 Days of Sodom Pasolini has enraged audiences, critics and politicians with his homosexually and the scandal that surrounds his films. Focusing on both his private and professional life, Ferrara explores the inner-world of Pasolini in the days before his violent death. Extras include a conversation with Abel Ferrara and the cast of Pasolini (2014, 40 mins): & Robin Askwith on Pier Pasolini (2015, 23 mins): the actor recounts his first meeting with Pasolini.

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