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David Gaunt has owned Gleebooks with partner Roger Mackell since 1976.

Welcome to 2014

 - Monday, February 03, 2014
Welcome to 2014, with plenty of change and plenty of the same, we hope. I’d love to say that we’re cashed up enough to do a heap of renovation and innovation tasks, to make your Gleebooks experience, in the shop, on the phone, or online, as good as it deserves to be. Sadly no, but we’ll have a crack with what we’ve got, to spruce up '49', invest in some website improvement, and do what we can to keep the standard high. We’ll even plunge into the e-book waters again (our last partner, Booki-sh was gobbled up by a multi-national we can’t afford to deal with), and will shortly announce a much expanded inventory and device partnership (with Kobo) which is quick, uncomplicated, and cheap. The price of e-books is, of course, a double edged sword for us: the low price of purchase and the minimal processing percentage for Gleebooks means there’s very little in it for us, but of course we’d like you to use Gleebooks, and not Amazon, for the same reasons we’d like you to do the same with books. We don’t want to lose you! So watch out next month for more information about the e-book future.
In the meantime, some of us have been enjoying some holidays, and putting some of the time to good reading use. I’ve not had much of a break yet, but enough to finish Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things (don’t be put off by the  Eat, Pray, Love connection, Gilbert is an accomplished novelist, and this is good historical fare, with a strong and engaging scientific and woman’s storyline). I then gobbled up The Big Sleep again after a 30 year gap (I love it, but thought the revisited movie a waste of time), and I then took a deep breath to reread Anna Karenina (it’s been far too long between readings, but it is a whopper). I hope you have all found something rewarding. Don’t be shy about sharing, we’d love to know also.
Thanks to all who supported Gleebooks with their Christmas shopping and holiday reading: Dulwich Hill, Blackheath and our Theatre shop all enjoyed increased trading, and the benefit of the bumper crop of specials and intriguing reads in our Summer Reading Guide was very welcome in Glebe. Viki has listed the 2013 bestsellers elsewhere in The Gleaner, but the strength of the Australian fiction list was hearteningly evident (Winton, Flanagan and Tsiolkas sold very, very well). The unexpected success of the season (to us, if not the visionary creators) was the board game Question Time! which all but knocked the aforementioned fiction giants off the top of the list. 
Lastly it’s great to be able to congratulate Lynndy Bennett, our  long-standing and extraordinarily knowledgeable children’s books manager, who will soon be taking advantage of the award she received last year, the ABA Elizabeth Riley Fellowship for Children's Bookselling. It was richly deserved and we hope she enjoys and benefits from the experience.