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  • Sirius 
    Title: Sirius
    Format: HARDCOVER
    Publication date: 01/11/2017
    Imprint: PIPER PRESS
    Price: $25.00
    Publishing status: Active

    The story of Sirius in this book begins with The Rocks Residents’ Group enlisting the support of the Builders Labourers’ Federation. Together they placed a Green Ban on development in The Rocks, which saved an historic precinct and a community. The Green Ban held for four years and was lifted only when those involved reached consensus and supported the building of Sirius.
    In this narrative, Tao Gofers, the architect of Sirius, explains how agreement was reached and how he designed what became a vertical village that stands in the shadows of the Harbour Bridge. It was the last, and arguably the most successful, tower built for public housing in New South Wales.
    In 2014 the government announced it was selling Sirius as a site for 250 luxury apartments. Sirius and its residents were to be erased from the landscape.
    At the heart of the campaign to save Sirius and its residents is a desire to celebrate the building and its people. Both are presented in this book alongside the events in the Save Our Sirius campaign.
    A Green Ban and a Land and Environment Court judgment that the government failed in its consideration of a Heritage Council recommendation for listing Sirius on the State Heritage Register might not be enough to save Sirius. On the other hand, Housing Lotto, a team of twenty Relocation Officers and a determined government have not yet forced all residents out of Sirius.
    What happens next is unknown. This book tells the story up to the court judgment on 25 July 2017 and asks readers to make up their own minds about Sirius and the people for whom it has been home.
    Professors Alan Morris and Grace Karskens, and celebrated zinester Fayroze Lutta are amongst those who have written about Sirius and its residents in this book dedicated to Jack and Judy Mundey who have been central to the Save Our Sirius campaign. A dozen photographers have captured the building and its residents in a stunning presentation that will forever show why so many have stood up to protect this building.

    ISBN: 9780980834758
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