POSTPONED Michael Farrell - Family Trees - Wednesday 8th April

In Family Trees, Michael Farrell continues to question how humans relate – to each other, and to the nonhuman, the worlds of animals, plants and objects. Inheritance can be a heavy legacy but in Michael’s expansive rendering it frees itself: how do we connect? Through affection, and through sharing, swapping and listening. Family Trees sees the return of familiar characters such as Pope Pinocchio, alongside new figures such as Lord Marmalade, Cherry the ‘Kiama Scammer’ and Adam, a paranoid country English teacher. Presented in filmic scenarios, these characters are often busily thinking, while also participating in more mundane forms of activity – gossip and sleep and work. The book includes a number of South Coast poems that take a poking interest in how language blooms off-track. It’s about memory, fantasy and the possibilities of living in conceptual space. Anything that has roots can be a family tree.


Date and time: Wednesday 8th April, 6pm for 6.30pm

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