POSTPONED Annee Lawrence - The Colour of Things Unseen - Sunday 22nd March

To be launched by Gail Jones

The Colour of Things Unseen by Annee Lawrence is a deeply felt love story between people – of different nations, cultures and religions -- and about the spaces where love and recognition may fail, yet still be recovered. It is concerned with place – Sydney and Central Java, the haunting nature of trauma, and the impacts of local and global events on individual lives.

At its heart are the challenges and value of cross-cultural connection and relationship in the evolving life of a maturing artist.

When twenty-year-old Adi travels from his village in Central Java to take up an art scholarship in Sydney, he is plunged into a society and culture that are confusing and alien. Over four years Adi makes his way in the dynamic Sydney art and improvised jazz worlds and, on graduation, has his first solo exhibition.

Soon after, he begins a relationship with and marries the artist model and art historian, Lisa.
Fifteen years on from his arrival in Australia in 1997, Adi returns home to a country that now seems both utterly familiar and foreign.


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