Griffith Review 67 - Matters of Trust - Wednesday 19th February

Panel with Ashley Hay, Frances Flanagan, Teela Reid & David Ritter

Ashley Hay chairs a discussion with Frances Flanagan, Teela Reid, David Ritter about their Griffith Review essays.

Frances Flanagan visits Australia’s most advanced digital hospital in Perth, which boasts defence, local council and health contracts across the world. She asks what is the secret to their outsourcing success? Teela Reid argues that 2020 should be the year of reckoning, not reconciliation, with Australia’s past, while in David Ritter’s essay he visits the small town of Menindee to witness the waters of the Darling run dry and argues for a new approach to governance. Together they ask the question; Are we ready to embrace the personal and political dimensions of trust?

What we trust, who we trust and how we trust are now matters of intense debate in Australia. We are a country sceptical of our government, a country asking profound questions of our institutions in light of three mighty Royal Commissions of Inquiry: into the banking and finance industries; into the institutional abuse of children; and into the provision of aged care. All have exposed vast betrayals, extraordinary examples of corruption and the urgent need for broad reform. Does this new uncertainty mark a profound loss of trust in how our society is organised and how it operates?

Griffith Review 67: Matters of Trust explores the implications and opportunities of this collapse in trust, from policy and diplomacy to the dynamics of the most intimate personal relationships. The contributions form a forensic examination of how we can, in increasingly divided and disrupted spaces, attempt to connect again. In this, Matters of Trust offers stories of transformation, epiphany and hope.


Date and time: Wednesday 19th February, 6pm for 6.30pm

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