Robin Grille - Inner Child Journeys - Friday 6th March

Robin Grille will be talking about the themes of his newest book: ‘Inner Child Journeys’ - find out how your children can, and often do! - grow you up.

Deep inside us all there is a source of answers to our most troubling parenting issues. Inner Child Journeys is a user-friendly handbook to help you locate this inner wellspring of natural wisdom.

Inner Child Journeys offers a whole new twist to parenting—as a path of personal growth, grounded in solid neuroscientific principles.
Here’s what parenting manuals don’t tell us: if we don’t understand our own childhoods, we cannot understand our children. This ground-breaking book shows how to unlock your natural intuition by tapping your embodied memories. But it is also much more: a guide for transforming your greatest challenges as a parent or teacher into fruitful opportunities for personal healing and growth.

Chock-a-block full of real-life examples, this book puts practical, powerful psychological principles in user-friendly terms – it is easy and fun to read.
Besides parents and teachers, therapists will also love this manual and find it an uplifting and powerful therapeutic tool.


Date and time: Friday 6th March, 6pm for 6.30pm

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