Robin Grille - Inner Child Journeys, in Times of Planetary Crisis - Friday 6th March

In conversation with Jessica Perini

Robin Grille will be talking about the themes of his newest book: ‘Inner Child Journeys’ and exploring the role of Inner Child Awareness in creating a much needed societal transformation.

With special guest: Jessica Perini, Director of Chilout, Permaculture activist, and Robin’s editor!

Deep inside us all there is a source of answers to our most troubling relational issues. Inner Child Journeys is a user-friendly workbook to help you locate this inner wellspring of natural wisdom.

‘Inner Child Journeys’ offers a new paradigm in self-therapy and personal insight, grounded in solid neuroscientific principles. Robin’s latest book is a guide for transforming your greatest relationship challenges into fruitful opportunities for personal healing and growth.

But tonight we also look deeper, and wider. To what extent are our perceptions, judgments – and therefore our life’s choices - unconsciously driven by our childhood experiences? How does the wounded Inner Child affect: our self-image, who we become attracted to, what we get addicted to – even who we vote for? How does emotional memory (our sub-rational mind) determine how we form organisations, who gets promoted to leadership roles and even our relationship to the natural world?

From Micro to Macro: our developmental arrests become our social unrests. What is our way forward? How is personal healing, family healing, related to society’s healing?

How far we can go towards altering the course of social evolution, if together we raise awareness of the Inner Child’s voice in human affairs? Let’s find out!


Date and time: Friday 6th March, 6pm for 6.30pm

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