Xavier Hennekinne & Phil Day - Lost Words - Saturday 30th November

In conversation with Paul McDermott

Xavier Hennekinne and Phil Day discuss their new book Lost Words with television personality, artist and writer Paul McDermott.

‘It is during the sleepless nights of your twenties that you form the books you will write. That is if you are a writer. If you are not a writer, or an artist, how will the sleepless nights of your twenties affect you?’
In the micro stories of Lost Words, Xavier Hennekinne’s narrator takes us on a reflective journey from his entranced yet perplexed youth in France to sleepless nights as a contemporary parent. This compelling voyage through time and mood is accompanied by images by Phil Day. Just as the prose entwines us in its subtle recurring rhythms, the prints and drawings are never literal, taking ordinary objects but revealing their sinuous shapes out of dark and suggestive structures.


Date and time: Saturday 30th November December, 3.30pm for 4pm

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