Haydn Washington - What Can I Do to Help Heal the Environmental Crisis? - Sunday 8th December

To be launched by Professor Dexter Dunphy

Many of us know that something is wrong with our world, that it is wounded. At the same time, we often don’t know why things have gone wrong – or what can be done. Framing the discussion around three central predicaments – the ecological, the social and the economic – Washington provides background as to why each of these is in crisis and presents steps that individuals can personally take to heal the world.

Urging the reader to accept the reality of our problems, he explores practical solutions for change such as the transition to renewable energy, rejection of climate denial and the championing of appropriate technology, as well as a readjustment in ethical approaches. The book also contains 19 ‘solution boxes’ by distinguished environmental scholars. With a focus on positive, personal solutions, this book is an essential read for students and scholars of environmental science and environmental philosophy, and for all those keen to heal the world and contribute towards a sustainable future. Retail price $70 - Special Launch Price 20% off - $56.00 


Date and time: Sunday 8th December, 3.30pm for 4pm

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