Jonathan Marshall - Earth, Climate, Dreams - Saturday 16th

Earth, Climate, Dreams: Dialogues with Depth Psychologists in the Age of the Anthropocene

To be launched by Judith Pickering

Speakers will include: Susannah Benson, Sally Gillespie, Kenneth McLeod
This book contains dynamic perspectives on global challenges such as ecological destruction, climate issues, failed leadership, and limiting beliefs, while turning to imagination, dreams, symbol, metaphor, and mythology to help us gain a broader understanding of how we each fit into the fabric of the whole.

If you care about the planet and your part in it, don’t miss this important series of interviews with leading scholars, educators, depth psychologists, and scientists who each bring critical information on how to respond to the growing crisis through connection with soul.Contributors include Jungian analyst Jerome Bernstein; climate scientist and Jungian, Jeffrey Kiehl; Jungian scholar, Susan Rowland; Depth educator/author Robert Romanyshyn; Depth educator Veronica Goodchild; plus other scholars, educators, or Jungian analysts including Steve Aizenstat, Sally Gillespie, Susannah Benson, Nancy Furlotti, Michael Conforti —co-edited by Bonnie Bright and Jonathan Paul Marshall.


Date and time: Saturday 16th November, 3.30 for 4pm

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