Rachel & Ross Menzies - Tales from the Valley of Death - Friday 22nd November

The dread of death is a problem nearly as old as time itself. From the ancient laments about death immortalized in the epic poems of Babylon and Greece, to the desperate attempts at bodily preservation in the Egyptian mummification rituals, fears of death are hardly a modern invention. In fact, themes of mortality and our attempts to cope with death can be perceived as the common thread underlying much of human history and culture. Our awareness of our own mortality, arguably a cognitive capacity unique to our species, has been famously referred to by William James as “the worm at the core” of human existence, lingering in the shadows of our daily lives. Unsurprisingly, then, human societies have employed an array of cultural tools in order to combat this fear of death across the ages, including using art, ritual, literature, religion poetry, philosophy, music and theatre to deal with the ever-present dread of death.

Tales from the Valley of Death explores the complex lives of ten individuals in psychotherapy who were crippled by death-related fears and related existential issues. It is hard not to be struck by how fascinating these individuals are, how compelling their histories have been, and how hard they have fought to overcome their difficulties, bravely wading their way through the murky territory of the same existential dilemmas we all must face. BUY THE BOOK


Date and time: Friday 22nd November, 6pm for 6.30pm

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