Rebecca Johinke - Queens of Print - Saturday 9th November

To be launched by Professor Umberto Ansaldo

For fifty years our most powerful popular culture influencers have been the high-powered editors of mass-market women’s magazines like The Australian Women’s Weekly, Woman’s Day, New Idea and the now defunct Dolly, Cleo and Cosmopolitan. It is difficult to overstate the influence that these women have had shaping popular culture, feminism, and femininity in Australia via the pages of their magazines.

This book of interviews provides a vehicle for them to tell their stories and it acts as an oral history of this important segment of our publishing heritage. Queens of Print is a tribute to the most influential and iconic women in Australian women’s magazines. It is a snapshot of a rapidly changing industry where print is supposedly dead, and media has been disrupted. This book looks back, but it also looks forward and considers what a magazine might be and what a magazine editor might do in future decades. BUY THE BOOK


Date and time: Saturday 9th November, 3.30pm for 4pm

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