Jeremiah Seyrak - The Faceless Advisor - Saturday 26th October

Ethan Roberts is a commercial lawyer, whose life is turned around by a mysterious offer of a role from a highly secretive entity only known by the alias The Hand. Ethan accepts the offer and exchanges his life as a commercial lawyer of completing mundane and monotonous work, to one of providing sensitive and discrete services to senior public and private clients investigating unusual and elaborate crimes that are not what they appear to be.

Through the experience, Ethan discovers more about himself; finding a sense of purpose through his work and newfound relationships. However, the act turns sinister when one of his assignments brings to surface a dangerous power play between his mysterious employer and a tyrannical individual, while also unpeeling the fine balancing act of life and work and our search for a sense of purpose through it.


Date and time: Saturday 26th September, 3.30pm for 4pm

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