Eyal Mayroz - Reluctant Interveners - Friday 8th November

Reluctant Interveners: America's Failed Response to Genocide from Bosnia to Darfur

“Why do we allow our governments to get away with “bystanding” to genocide? How can we, when alerted to the mass slaughter of innocents, still not take a stand? Reluctant Interveners provides the most comprehensive answers yet to these confronting questions, focusing on the complex relationships between the citizenry, the media, the political elites, and institutions in the most powerful nation in the world, the United States of America.

Eyal Mayroz offers a sobering account of the interactions between the governing and the governed, and the dynamics which transformed moral concerns for the lives of faraway “others” into cold political calculations. Exposed are the processes that turned the promise of “never again” to a recurring reality of ever again, the role of the office of the presidency in their advancement, and the resultant image of the U.S., as seen by the rest of the world. In a time of ubiquitous social media and populist revival, a greater role for the citizenry in decision-making on responses to genocide may be in the cards. The question is, in which directions will these trends take American foreign policy?”

About the author: Dr Eyal Mayroz is a Lecturer in the Department of Peace and Conflict Studies, University of Sydney. He is also a member of the Genocide Prevention Advisory Network, an international group of experts who advise governments on the causes, consequences, and prevention of genocide and other mass atrocities.


Date and time: Friday 8th November, 6pm for 6.30pm

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