Ariel Salleh - Pluriverse - Wednesday 9th October

After decades of so-called 'development', the world is in crisis. Crucial conditions for life on Earth are failing, and people’s expectations for their own and children’s futures are uncertain. The
dimensions of this crisis are environmental, economic, social, political, ethical, cultural, spiritual and embodied. Rational alternatives to capitalism, colonial, and masculinist domination are needed urgently.

The Post-Development Dictionary offers over 100 essays as resources for a just and ecological peace. Some authors expose the contradictions of reformism and 'eco-modernist greenwash'. Others explain life-affirming insights and practices from Buen Vivir, Buddhism, Eco-Theology, Commoning, sense of Country, Deep Ecology, De-Growth, Eco-Anarchism, Eco-Feminism, Eco-Socialism, Eco-Villages, Energy Sovereignty, Environmental Justice, the Gift Economy, Hinduism, Islamic Ethics, Jain Ecology, Judaic Tikkun Olam, Kyosei, Latina Feminisms, Nature Rights, New Matriarchies, the Water Paradigm, Pacifism, Permaculture, Queer Love, Swaraj, Slow Movement, Social Ecology, Solidarity Economies, Tao, the Transition Movement, African Ubuntu, and many others. The book initiates a global collaboration among communities to explore their convergences. It proposes a political radicalization that starts at everyday life and moves on to an Earth Democracy.


Date and time: Wednesday 9th October, 6pm for 6.30pm

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