Roslyn McFarland - All the Lives We've Lived - Friday 18th October

To be launched by Patrick Abboud

All the Lives We’ve Lived is mainly set along the eastern banks of Salt Pan Creek, a tributary of the Georges River, which empties into Botany Bay. It’s a novel of interconnected stories woven together through the life of the main character, baby-boomer Kate Ward.

When she visits her estranged son, Adam in California and meets his new American wife and baby daughter for the first time, things don’t go well.

Living alone back in the Blue Mountains, Kate has plenty of time for reflection and decides to acknowledge the mistakes of her past – not just the ones with her son, but all of them, including those made with her best-friend, Denise, with her stay-at-home mother and her homicide detective father. And most importantly, with her first love, Gary Saunders, an indigenous boy. To do that, she must return to Salt Pan Creek and confront some painful memories.

While the novel provides a powerful and enthralling portrait of post-war suburban Sydney that readers will recognise and enjoy, All the Lives We’ve Lived is also a meditation on stories themselves: about our need to tell them; about the ones we remember; the ones we value and the ones we distort because the truth may be too hard to bear. Kate’s willingness to confront her personal history represents our nation’s urgent need to acknowledge the uncomfortable truths of our collective, colonial past.


Date and time: Friday 18th October, 6pm for 6.30pm

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