Dr Karl's Random Trip Through Science - Thursday 31st October

Australia's shirtiest scientist heads off into science's wild blue yonder

What would happen if you really went on an 'Alkaline Diet'?

Do fish drink water?

How long is a DNA molecule if you stretch it out?

How much wee do you make in a day?

Why do wombats poo cubes?

How many shirts does Dr Karl own?

The intrepid Dr Karl takes us on a crazy random ride through nature, the universe and everything in this full-colour, illustrated extravaganza packed full of fascinating facts, tantalising truisms and hilariously extraordinary objectivities. Whether you're ten or sixty-ten, discover answers to questions you've always wanted to ask and questions you'd never even think to.


Date and time: Thursday 31st October, 6pm for 6.30pm

$12/$9/gleeclub free. Book here or phone 02 9660 2333

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