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July 2017

 - Wednesday, July 05, 2017
I, Daniel Blake: Dir. Ken Loach ($21.95)
In the North-East of England, 59 year-old widower Daniel Blake (Dave Johns) is forced to stop working when he is taken ill with heart disease and so applies for Employment and Support Allowance from the Government. But his life is further thrown into disarray when his benefits are suddenly taken away from him and he is forced to jump through the many hoops of the bureaucratic system to get them back. During this time, he meets the similarly-troubled single mother Katie (Hayley Squires) whose financial problems mean she is being forced out of her home in London along with her two kids Dylan and Daisy (Dylan McKiernan and Briana Shann).

Graduation: Dir. Cristian Mungiu ($32.95, region 2)

A young girl is set to leave her Romanian homeland for a prestigious English university when she is physically assaulted just before her final exam. Her father now tries to get to the bottom of who the culprit is and how to convince bureaucratic powers to reconsider this life changing exam for this daughter. Another brilliant drama that plays with thriller-like tension from the acclaimed director of 4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days.

The Legacy: Season 3 ($42.95, region 2)
Following the death of progressive internationally-renowned artist Veronika Grønnegaard, The Legacy traces the story of Veronika’s four adult children, whose distinctive upbringing has affected their lives in very different ways. In this season the four heirs have finally made peace with the past, and with each other. Following Thomas’ death, Emil has taken on the role of parent to Melody at Grønnegaard, where they live with his niece, Hannah, and her artist troupe. Signe spends most of her time with her boyfriend, Aksel, running her organic farm. Gro has set up a gallery for young, progressive art at the Art Hall. Frederik lives in the US, and, having enjoyed a successful career and healthy profits, he is ready to make peace with Solveig. But, in his absence, his family has evolved, so is he really prepared for what awaits him once he comes back home?

The Hollow Crown Collection ($64.95)
Luscious screen adaptations of Shakespeare’s Richard II, Henry IV parts 1 and 2, Henry V, Henry VI in two parts and Richard III starring Ben Whishaw, Tom Hiddleston & Jeremy Irons, Benedict  Cumberbatch, Hugh Bonneville, Judi Dench, Michael Gambon and many more, plus ‘making of’ special features with exclusive interviews with cast and crew—all in one set—a bargain!

Things To Come: Dir. Mia Hanson-Løve
Nathalie (Isabelle Huppert) teaches philosophy at a high school in Paris. She is deeply passionate about her job & enjoys passing on the pleasure of thinking. Married with two children, she divides her time between her family, former students & her eccentric mother, leading a life of personal & intellectual fulfilment. Unexpectedly, Nathalie’s husband announces he is leaving her for another woman. With a newfound freedom suddenly thrust upon her, Nathalie must reinvent herself & establish a new way of living. ($25.95, region 2)

June 2017

 - Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Its Only The End Of The World: Xavier Dolan
After 12 years of estrangement a writer (Gaspard Ulliel) returns to his hometown, planning on announcing his impending death to his family. However, his mother (Nathalie Baye), tempestuous siblings (Vincent Cassel and Léa Seydoux) and beleaguered sister-in-law (Marion Cotillard) have their own personal grievances to air. As buried resentments threaten to surface and fits and feuds begin to unfold, all attempts at empathy are sabotaged by the family’s inability to listen and love. Winner of the Grand Prix at Cannes 2016. ($32.95, Region 2)

Le Bureau: Season 2 ($59.95, Region 2)
French intelligence officer Guillaume Debailly (Mathieu Kassovitz) and not so new recruit Marina Loiseau (Sara Giraudeau) return in this excellent French political drama—even better than the first season.

Dancer ($29.95)
Blessed with astonishing power & poise, Sergei Polunin took the dance world by storm & became the Royal Ballet’s youngest ever principal. At the peak of his success, aged 21, he walked away, driven to the brink of self-destruction by stardom—his talent more a burden than a gift. This is an unprecedented look into the life of a complex young man who has made ballet go viral. Urban rebel, iconoclast, airborne angel, Sergei is transforming the shape of ballet as we know it. But virtuosity comes with a high price. How can you be free to be yourself when you are ballet’s ‘hottest property’?

Die Nibelungen: Dir. Fritz Lang ($32.95, Region 2)
Perhaps the most stately of Fritz Lang’s two-part epics, this long-awaited HD restoration, presented in its original frame rates and aspect ratio, the five-hour Die Nibelungen is a courageous and hallucinatory work. Adapted from the myth that is the basis for Wagner’s Ring Cycle, part One, sees the eponymous Siegfried rise to power, part 2 sees his widow exact vengeance in one of the most exhilarating & terrifying end-sequences in all of cinema. Features include newly translated optional English subtitles for the original German inter-titles and an hour-long documentary: The Heritage of Die Nibelungen

May 2017

 - Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Things to Come: Dir. Mia Hansen-Løve
The wonderful Isabelle Huppert stars in this oh-so-French drama about a middle aged philosophy teacher (Huppert) experiencing an existential crisis when her happy structured life falls apart. Abandoned by her husband, at last rid of her eccentric and demanding mother, dumped by her publisher and distanced from her grown-up children, Nathalie (Huppert) finds her newfound freedom simultaneously liberating and disconcerting. Things to Come is an intelligent, poetic and naturalistic exploration of one woman’s pursuit of contentment in the face of adversity. ($25.95, Region 2)

No Second Chance: Dir. Pascal Elbé ($39.95, Region 2)
Dr Alice Lambert (Alexandra Lamy) gets up early to fix a bottle for her six-month old daughter. Suddenly, two gunshots ring out. Everything goes black. When Alice emerges from a coma a week later, a nightmarish reality awaits. Her husband was murdered and her baby is missing. Suspected by the police and hunted by ruthless hit men, Alice refuses to give up. She can feel it, she knows her daughter is alive out there somewhere, waiting for her. Alone in her search for Tara, Alice turns to Richard (Pascal Elbe), her first love and a former criminal investigator. Based on the bestselling novel by Harlan Coben, No Second Chance.

The Fits: Dir. Anna Rose Holmer ($32.95, Region 2)
11-year-old Cincinnati girl Toni (Royalty Hightower)is training at a gym when she notices a local dance troupe—watching them through the practice room window. After attending an open audition for new dancers, she befriends fellow hopeful Beezy (Alexis Neblett) and together the girls begin trying to master the routines. However, when Toni is the only member of the group not to be affected by a sudden series of mysterious and violent seizures, her quest to become accepted by her peers becomes even more difficult.

The Essential John Sayles: 3 Classics ($29.95)
Lianna: Suppressed emotions, curiosity, sexual ambiguity and a loveless marriage; The Return of the Secaucus Seven: a story of friends, sex, jealousy and unrequited love beautifully told in a cosy vacation house in New Hampshire. The Brother From Another Planet is a slick, cultures-collide type comedy of intergalactic proportions.

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