Remission Mission - Paul Brazenor (In Memoriam) - Saturday 21st October


Well known media personality, Angela Catterns, AM. Broadcaster, Journalist, will be Emcee for the launch.

About the Book

Remission Mission is Paul’s story. It is typical of the man that he would wish to convey his experiences to others who have the disease of cancer and how taking on a positive attitude allowed him to live in remission.

Like all people with cancer, Paul was prescribed conventional medicine. However, with his love of life, he caste a wider net to find a remedy that included natural therapies through natropathy, kinesiology, nutrition, exercise, meditation and several others.

Paul was an extraordinary person who has left many wonderful legacies, including this practical but also significant holistic approach on how to live with cancer. Read and benefit from Paul’s journey and remain steadfast.

About the Author

A person of many dimensions, Paul Brazenor was immensely gifted, intelligent and generous. Paul lived a full, active and rewarding life for himself and those close to him.

Life circumstances, also presented Paul with an illness that eventually took his life away. However, as a cancer warrior, he didn’t succumb easily to the complications of the cancer illness he had contracted. He courageously applied a dedicated approach, physically and mentally with all his resources for a decade – beyond the 6 month prognosis doctors gave him initially and in the process enjoyed a fulfilling life.

Born in 1947, Paul was the youngest among three brothers. He studied economics and accounting at university and eventually joined the Commonwealth Bank where, under their sponsorship, he became one of the first Australians to complete an MBA. He then branched out and became a senior partner in an advisory company and a company director.

Paul’s compounding illness with cancer from December 2005, was taken on as a challenge and afforded him a further 10 years before he’s Passing in May 2015. It was a outstanding and valiant mission with remission.


Date and time: Saturday 21st October, 3.30 for 4pm

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