Robert Salisbury - The Shadows - Saturday 7th October

The Shadows: Nostrum Deus Lucifer

Now forty and a rising star in one of London’s oldest banks, Phillip Banks is tasked with the acquisition of a Swiss pharmaceutical firm. He flys to Zurich to meet the owner, Milo, a man fascinated by butterflies and their ability to predict the future. Milo isn’t interested in selling his firm and Banks is forced to consider what he needs to do to gain control.
Meanwhile he is told to take a wife, if he wishes to progress deeper into the elusive sect of the Varangian Guard. He is a confirmed bachelor until he meets with his best friend’s fiance – a raven haired beauty called Zara.

As Banks travels far and wide, from Arctic Norway to the deserts of Saudi Arabia, he contrives expert plots to achieve his ends, but how well does he know himself?

In this cautionary tale of the not too distant future Robert Salisbury draws into question The Shadows and their right to anonymity.


Date and time: Saturday 7th October, 3.30 for 4pm

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