Alan Wearne - These Things are Real and With the Youngsters - Sunday 20th August

To be launched by Joanne Burns & A J Carruthers

These Things are Real - published by Giramondo 

Alan Wearne specialises in monologues and verse narratives. A young widow in post-war Melbourne fends off the approaches of her best friend’s husband; a retired femocrat recalls her lovelorn Maoist youth; a single mother falls into an abusive relationship with a drifting musician; a heroin addict is haunted by his dealer’s murder of a youth. Also included is ‘The Sarsaparilla Writer’s Centre’, a collection of satires on music, football, religion, politics, and poets.

With the Youngsters - published by Grand Parade Poets
From near two decades, with well over 450 personnel employed in their making, these group efforts are maddeningly memorable examples of what collective brain power can do when it bends the rules, and let’s face it plenty of today’s poetry could do with a solid amount of rule-bending. Name the muse and she was doubtless invoked. 


Date and time: Sunday 20th August, 3.30pm for 4pm

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