Kelly Brooke Nicholls - A Reluctant Warrior - Friday 30th June

A rare glimpse into Colombia’s notorious drug wars, told by someone who knows the landscape intimately.

A Reluctant Warrior, the new gripping novel from Kelly Brooke Nicholls takes readers where few have ventured; deep into the current Colombian drug wars. Fans of Netflix hit series, Narcos, will love this edge of your seat novel set in the drug-gang controlled streets of Buenaventura.
“While this is fiction, it’s based on reality and the years I spent living and working in Colombia and interviewing hundreds of victims of the war, plus gang leaders, paramilitaries and those trying to catch them,” Says Australian author, Kelly Brooke Nicholls. “I worked in in Colombia with people just like the characters in my novel and and now I’m taking readers there with me.”
While the story and characters in A Reluctant Warrior are fictitious, they are based on events Kelly Brooke Nicholls witnessed first-hand while living and working in Colombia. During this time, she interviewed thousands of victims of paramilitaries, guerrilla and drug cartels. She knows Buenaventura, where the novel is set, intimately, including the most notorious neighborhoods where foreigners rarely venture. She worked closely with the former Andean Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration to help her realistically map the events in this novel.
“At the end of the novel readers will be left asking if any of this has actually happened. The answer is yes, most of it is based on the truth,” Says Kelly. “You will be astonished at the lengths the drug dealers go to in order to protect their lucrative business and also the bravery of those who stand up to them.”


Date and time: Friday 30th May, 6 for 6.30pm

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