John Mathews - Global Green Shift - Friday 14th July

To be launched by Bob Carr

Western industrialism has achieved miracles, promoting unprecedented levels of prosperity and raising hundreds of millions out of poverty in Europe, North America and most recently Japan. Industrial capitalism is now diffusing East, with China building the world’s largest industrial and manufacturing engine on the basis initially of fossil fuels, like all industrial powers before it. But as it does so China faces the inconvenient truth that the Western model will not scale; China finds itself facing geopolitical problems in sourcing fossil fuels abroad and immediate problems of pollution at home so severe that it has to find an alternative way. This alternative way is a Chinese version of ecomodernization, based on rapid urbanization, renewable energies replacing fossil fuels and a circular economy replacing linear resource throughput, all driven by the greening of finance. This is a feasible model in itself that is likely to prove attractive for other industrializing countries, where its diffusion will be driven by falling costs associated with manufacturing learning curves. That China’s solution involves low-carbon emissions is a convenient truth for the world as it grapples with climate change. The process of global green growth now under way is captured by the notion of economics meeting ecology – or Ceres meeting Gaia.


Date and time: Friday 14th July, 6pm for 6.30pm

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