Joan Boler - The Truth Seeker Book Launch - Saturday 8th April

The Truth Seeker: (Exploring the Mysteries of the Metaphysical and the Multidimensional Identity of Humankind)
For those interested in all aspects of the paranormal, this book will provide a compulsive, page turning read. It delves with fascinating detail into psychic ability, the power of the mind and out-of-body and near-death experiences. It explores reincarnation, life between one life and the next, and the existence of non-physical life forms. This book is provocatively controversial in its probing of four thousand years of religious beliefs. Through gaining a deeper understanding of their multidimensional identity the reader is able to explore and understand their own potential both psychically and spiritually. As the multifaceted nature of humanity is uncovered, so also are the underlying universal structures and laws. Such structure, as is revealed in astrology, invites consideration of the existence of non-physical, creative consciousness. Each answer found more clearly exposes the destiny of humankind.

The author combines personal paranormal experiences and in-depth research to create this thought provoking, profound text. She draws upon knowledge gained through archaeology, ancient texts, scientific research and quantum physics.


Date and time: Saturday 8th April, 3.30pm for 4pm

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