Sean Flood - Mabo: A Symbol of Struggle - Thursday 2nd March

To be launched by Larissa Behrendt and Sus Phillips

Since its original publication as Mabo: A Symbol of Sharing, this book has been a valued teaching resource in schools across Australia. Through combining plain language legal analysis with personal insights, Sean Flood creates an engaging account of one of the greatest legal developments of our time. This revised edition, Mabo: A Symbol of Struggle features updated analysis of Commonwealth v Mabo [No 2] and the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth), along with an examination of native title in the courts since Mabo.

Flood sees Mabo as the beginning, not the end, of a long struggle for Indigenous recognition and equality. He locates Australia’s treatment of its Indigenous peoples within the international context of colonialism and race relations, drawing on a number of recent case studies, and considers the ongoing impact of colonialism on Australia’s natural environment. With sections specifically designed for students and teachers, Mabo: A Symbol of Struggle offers a comprehensive account of the ongoing Indigenous struggle and provides a strong argument for a more inclusive Australian society.



Date and time: Thursday 2nd March, 6pm for 6:30pm

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